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I am a multi-media artist based in the Hampton Roads, VA area who specializes in yoga, fitness and environmental portraits. Originally from Hong Kong, I have lived and worked in San Francisco, New York, and London, among many other places. 

I find people endlessly fascinating and I always strive to evoke intrigue and curiosity of my subjects by creating stories with a cinematic approach. Since I began practicing yoga a few years ago, not only has it transformed my physical and mental well-being, it has sparked an artistic desire to capturing the beauty of the postures.

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A sample of client testimonials:

"Leo is an undeniably talented photographer with an eye for composition and a talent for translating the magic of a moment into two dimensions. His kind heart makes him a pleasure to work with, and his understanding of the subject matter brings his images to life"

Alison Bernasco 

 "Leo has a great natural ability. This, combined with his technical skills made the shoot exciting and fun. He brings an energy behind the camera that inspired creativity for me in front of it."

~ Samantha Warman

"I absolutely loved working with Leo; he had great suggestions and feedback and, being a yogi himself, was able to offer great direction.  I was so excited by the final product; his shots are some of my favorite in my portfolio. "

Melanie Caines